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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Dead Mexico show 9

  Dead Mexico Show 9 by Dead Mexico

Ring Mod - Massive Default Overdrive
Visions of the future- Gossamer
Lunarblues - Phase locked loop
The Black Paths - Halloween
Sean Eskimo - Brittle
Happy Orange Balloon - Eureka PTII
ColdSeat - Money Grabber
Black Giraffe - Time
DaRoc - Birth
Databas - Gum Remake
Untrkmind - Gorilla Vanilla
Formbank - Rumpass
everything is beautiful and nothing hurts - intro
Rival Consoles - I left the Party
Fardoche - Les Mariachi
Super Stella - Arcadia
Deft Key - Sexual Healer
Portal - Day Short of a Fool

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