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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Dead Mexico show 12

Ekelon - Chronus
Aniline - Alezan
Acidburp - Chomps
I am a Cult Hero. - Cut
Suzuka - Merry go Round (vers.2)
Kobi - Funda Mentals
Blackskirt - Same Awakening
Tin Cub - The Golden Calf
Seesaw - He Was Dead Asleep
Adventure! Elephant. - I'm in an Ambulance
Gold Panda - Back Home
The Wilson Project - Sweets Treats and Beats
Bristol - The Lo Tech
The Paused - Late December
Kontakte - Ghosts of Electricity
Wheat-a-beat - Unfinished Dream Sequence

Dead Mexico show 11 Modarec Special

  Dead Mexico Show 11 (Modarec Special) by Dead Mexico

Dead Mexico Radio Intro
Telemikus - Atlantis Inferno
Ryoga - Sirocco Deimos
The Jaffa Kid - Ynton Loneliness
Wheat-a-Beat Skit 1
Foxymoron - Metroland / Robot Awake
Wheat-a-Beat - Engine Room 817 (Amsterdam Bound)
Wheat-a-Beat Skit 2
Telemikus - Teen Flux
Wheat-a-Beat Skit 3
Ryoga - The Last Regret (VHSX Remix)
The Jaffa Kid - Melancho
Foxymoron Skit
The Glint - The Glint
Ryoga - Sirocco Phobos
VHSX - Dawn in the City
The Jaffa Kid - Five notes and a lot of heart (Telemikus remix)
Wheat-a Beat Skit 4
Fulcrum4 - Strung out To Dry
Fulcrum4 Skit

Dead Mexico show 10

  Dead Mexico Show 10 by Dead Mexico

Fugenn and the White Elephants - Koji
Datasette - Minus Fourteen
Young Liar - Can't do Attitude (Fulcrum4 remix)
Die On Spectrum - The Amusement Brigade
Shangari - Ergaln Beach
The Wilson Project - Milkshake Mission
Wonktronica - Suzywan
Ubikon - Dr Rudiger Stickleback
Botva - The Creakets
Ryoga - Wicked Weaver (Coldseat remix)
Vertical 67 - Seconds
Electrodefender - Vincent's Pictures
And. - I am a Monster
Datashat - Plans for Nigel
Missqulater - Galactic Path
Murray Flexor - New Days

Dead Mexico show 9

  Dead Mexico Show 9 by Dead Mexico

Ring Mod - Massive Default Overdrive
Visions of the future- Gossamer
Lunarblues - Phase locked loop
The Black Paths - Halloween
Sean Eskimo - Brittle
Happy Orange Balloon - Eureka PTII
ColdSeat - Money Grabber
Black Giraffe - Time
DaRoc - Birth
Databas - Gum Remake
Untrkmind - Gorilla Vanilla
Formbank - Rumpass
everything is beautiful and nothing hurts - intro
Rival Consoles - I left the Party
Fardoche - Les Mariachi
Super Stella - Arcadia
Deft Key - Sexual Healer
Portal - Day Short of a Fool

Dead Mexico show 8

  Dead Mexico Show 8 by Dead Mexico

Murray Flexor - Huffy Ten Speed
Wheat-a-beat - Sky Flowers
16bit - Toxic
The Byte Stripes - The Hands of Time
Naono - Tender Telescope
Red Box Recorder - Central
And. - Vitamin F
Hom - The Brand
Mrs Jynx - Freak
Phasen - This is what Happiness Feels like to me
The Outsider - Time & Space
Wax Melody - Leaf
We’ve Taped Over Your Cassettes - Bar Brawl
The Jaffa Kid - Falling Down Plugholes
Mr Frosty - Shanghai Style

Dead Mexico show 7

  Dead Mexico Show 7 by Dead Mexico

Telemikus - Grit in the eye of Andromeda
Secretform - In to the Future
Modula - Negative Blooty
Volitune - Stretch Bass
Comscan - Sandstorm
Naffdog - Nobot          
Cerakel  - Ruzz
Ryoga - Rip it Up (Telemikus remix)
Premia Feeder - Hey
Deft Key - Weigh your Option
Untrkmind - Cornerway
Will -Remote
Catsleeph - Above Rainclouds
L.drift - Soldiers of Jah

Dead Mexico show 6

  Dead Mexico Show 6 by Dead Mexico

And. - The Shell
Ming Dynasty Crew - Broadcast 1945
Ubikon - Nagasaki
Velveteen Vaccine - Window
IdiotControlledLeg - Fuck Nose
Svindrön - Innuendo
We Taped Over Your Cassettes - Ghost Train
Monodog - The Desired Effect
Kabelbeist - The Passer By
Telluric - Exosphere
A Soil Horizon - Strength In Numbers
Dark Skies feat Hadoshroom - Three
Osie and Hom
The Outsider  - Balanced Funk

Dead Mexico show 5

  Dead Mexico Show 5 (Ryoga Hijack) by Dead Mexico

Fulcrum4 - Bocca Junior (Oranj EQ mix)
F.oxymoron - The Battle for Europa
Muncatchy - Looking Glass
Untrkmind - Done day done
Kamikaze Disco - Nescaf E
Babycrutch - Giant
The Kara Sea- City is a sorceress
VHS-X- Little Holocaust
Port Largo - Youth love distortion
The Ghost Orchid - Ana Mir
The Midnight Episode- Lucinda
The Jaffa Kid- Cajem III
Moly- The Last Light
Johnny Phonic- Wyn Fairley
Ryoga vs. Fulcrum4 - I Still don't know what I did last summer

Dead Mexico show 4

  Dead Mexico Show 4 by Dead Mexico

Fulcrum 4 - A Depth of Field Failure
Inscape Project - Flux   
Kids In Tracksuits - No Hooks
The Jaffa Kid - Untitled 23        
Weave - Vertu
Bllix - I Always thought Of You
Fault - Arken
Annie Hall - Equilibrio
Eco Cola - Two Days Remain
Wax Melody - Jenner
Ubikon - Hiroshima
Ring Mod - Apparition
Comscan - Memoirs
ClickAstly - Green
Soma - Version 3.1

Dead Mexico show 3

   Dead Mexico Show 3 by Dead Mexico

Watch The Dog - Radioquarter
Track 53 - Alyeska Peninsula
Kabelbeist - The Rise
Audiophilia - Walking Home
Knobcity - Senseless Time Prevails
Naono - Tumbleweed Song
Citizens of Nebali - In Birth
Colz - Power Vision
Ceti Alpha 5 - This Is Ceti Alpha 5
Ming Dynasty Crew - Jaws
Lukid - LazyBeat
Qwerky Keyboards - Emperor Bling

Dead Mexico show 2

   Dead Mexico Show 2 by Dead Mexico

The Jaffa Kid - Sic Sic Proobulus
Kids in Tracksuits - April Birds demo
Tycho - Past is Prologue
Biologic - Melanin
Die On Spectrum - Skin Lantern
Analogue Retentive - Stomp Metallic
Nakao - Magnetic Vision
Boxed Roomer - Sniper
Dusty Brown - How's That
Cloud People - Pier 39
Mikon-Aistra - seven Seas
Fulcrum 4 - Albi
Hom - Ordell Robbie
SkyPilot - 400
Kyoka - Nfunfu

   Dead Mexico Show 1 by Dead Mexico 

Ring of Giraffe - Giraffe Dreams of Shadow
Boxed Roomer - Second Wind
F.Oxy Moron - Resurfacing Asbestos
Cloud people - K
IdiotControlledleg - Finnish
Sunbird - Nocturne
Qwerky Keyboards - Frunchy Cudge
Satori - Astor Reshuffle
Laura O Shea - Nosey Nosey
Hexen - Battlescars
Ring Mod - Twenty Five
Ryoga - I don't Know What I did last Summer